Simple. Frequency and portion control.

Health professionals practically scream – to lose weight and become healthier – eat more frequently, but lighten the plate size! Stay away from the one meal a day approach. Instead of dumping 8 lbs of Chinese food into your to-go box from the local grocer, eat more frequent, smaller meals. Plus, realizing you just spent $18.93 on one meal feels more painful in your wallet than spending the same amount over three or four meals.

Similarly, frequency of communication often trumps duration. Several “bite sized” meetings are more helpful for keeping a topic top of mind rather than a 2-hour mouthful. Short, more regular conversations have a greater impact versus long, sporadically scheduled interactions.

Better yet, several 10 minute conversations will go a long way in:

  • Building Trust with your employees
  • Getting “to know” your employees AND allowing them to get to know “you”
  • Understanding what they need and expect from you
  • Improving their Morale
  • Show them that you are “for their success”

See, effective eating habits and conversing share more than just your mouth, right?