Culture drives your organization.


Excellerator helps drive your culture.


Organizational performance depends on culture

Culture is critical to performance – it drives retention, engagement, and productivity across your organization. But how do you make culture work for you, instead of working for your culture?

That’s where Excellerator comes in.

Excellerator measures 30 key organizational dimensions that are tied to a successful culture.

More than just measuring an aggregate of your peoples personalities, Excellerator determines what areas of your culture are being fully utilized, and what areas may be inhibiting your success.

That way, you know exactly where to focus to reach your full cultural potential.



Cultural change is a difficult challenge. Excellerator helps by first measuring your current culture – so you know where you’re starting. Then Excellerator gives customized development priorities – so you can develop an action plan with clear next steps.



Excellerator can precisely identify where you should focus your resources, to help fast-track organizational development, create a climate that cultivates performance, and optimize your success.



When you have a culture that works, you don’t want to lose it.  Excellerator helps you benchmark where you are, so you can catch any culture shifts before you slip away from your sweet spot.



Short and Confidential

Excellerator can be completed in under 30 minutes and all respondent data is anonymous and secured off-site. There is no need to worry about user privacy or data storage.

Hierarchical Reporting

Results can be analyzed by customizable subgroups, allowing you to compare departments or teams to see how culture varies throughout your organization.


Actionable Insight

All Excellerator results are focused on taking action. Results are automatically prioritized by greatest need, and in-depth comment reports give you accurate ground level knowledge of what’s going on.

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