Know Thy Team™ Workshops

High Impact Experiential Team Development


Diagnostic-Based Team Development

Clients often wonder how we can move a team forward so quickly. The secret is that we start with individual assessments and team diagnostics, so we know precisely where and how to intervene to fast-track the team’s development and align the team members for high performance. This all comes together in a Know Thy Team Session. Each session takes a tailored approach to team development – giving you the foundation for a fully aligned team that is poised for the future.

Alignment for Results

Know Thy Team sessions are designed to be the catalyst for self-alignment of the team members. The more aligned your team becomes, the more synergistic the decisions and efforts of the team members will become. This synergy results in a more consistent tendency for a team to “gel”. Each session is tailored to your team’s challenges, so that your full potential can be unleashed. While the intervention points are unique to each work team and corporate culture, some typical goals are:


  • Benchmark where you are as a team.
  • Determine what can block the team’s success.
  • Initiate a climate conducive for team alignment.
  • Establish a vision and passion for the team.
  • Establish goals for the next several years.
  • Establish roles and rules on how to best work together.



Reveal Team Dynamics

As an individual’s personality can have direct impact on the team, Know Thy Team sessions help to “demystify” how team works together. Our sessions help team members answer:


  • What are my dominant personality/leadership traits that contribute to the team’s success?
  • What are my strengths that I can build on as a team member?
  • How can I better align myself with other members of my team and my organization?
  • How can I quickly understand or “read others” on my team?

How a Know Thy Team session works


1. Measure the Team

A Know Thy Team starts with an in-depth assessment of the team. This allows the session to be customized to your team and very deliberate, yet flexible, so each participant can contribute and create an increased state of trust.


2. Build Trust

As the trust starts to build, communication between the group increases and the team starts to form.


3. Align for Success

Special alignment (vector/valence) techniques are then introduced, as needed, to help fast-track the process – and build the framework for continued long-term development.

Unleash your team