Become Your Organization’s In-House Instrument Expert

Become Your Organization’s In-House Instrument Expert

Measurement is the foundation for everything we do. From measuring pre-hire fit to professional (and personal) development, the our assessments provide valuable insights. Flying By Instruments is a 4-day course that covers the basics of interpreting our standard battery of assessment instruments that measure temperament, personality, communication style, workplace stress, conflict management, leadership alignment, and more.

At the end of Flying By Instruments, you will have the opportunity to take a certification test – so you can become certified in reading the Bartell Assessment Instruments!

Learn the Tools of the Trade

The uniqueness, depth, and accuracy of Bartell profiling comes from the interpretation across instruments. You’ll not only learn each of the individual instruments, but how relate and form a comprehensive profile to truly understand “the whole person.” Through a combination of instruction and hands-on exercises, you’ll develop the skills to get the most from the instruments.

Why Flying By Instruments?

Streamline Your Process

Whether you’re using assessments for pre-hire or development, you’ll be able to streamline your assessment process and access the results whenever you need them.

Coach Employees to Unleash Their Potential

By understanding the Bartell Assessment Instruments, you’ll gain a deeper “read” on your employees, allowing you to more effectively coach and develop them to their full potential.

Save Time… and Money

When you’re the in-house expert, you can review assessments as you need to – at your convenience. While we’ll always be there to support you when you need us, you’ll qualify for a discount on ASAP packages if you choose to review the results on your own.

Ready to get started?