A Truly Transformational Experience

Leadership Flight School is a unique and personalized experience designed to develop the leader’s mind – and heart. In 3 ½ days, participants will reach new heights in their professional development through dynamic instruction, practical exercises, and immersive discussions with their cohort.

Grounded in Servant Leadership, this course equips leaders with tools and strategies that can easily be applied in real-world situations. We want to see you soar!

Dynamic Learning Environment

Each Leadership Flight School participant is strategically placed in a small work group, or “Delta Team,” designed to maximize the team dynamics. It’s a unique and powerful experience that encourages a cross-pollination of ideas and creative solutions.

Practical, Proven Techniques

Efficient Communications

We’ll introduce techniques for communicating succinctly and productively with team members – the foundation of leadership – so you can balance building relationships with achieving consistent results.

Motivate and Inspire

By understanding how people are “hard wired,” you’ll be able to tailor your approach to effectively motivate and inspire your followers.

Fresh Perspectives

Each class is comprised of leaders from a variety of industries at different stages in their careers, providing a dynamic collaborative environment.

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