Conditioning That Fits Your Schedule

Exercising for our health is not a “once and done” activity, so why should we treat our personal development that way? That’s why we called the 6-Pack program, “Leadership Fitness and Conditioning.” Through several short sessions ranging from two to four hours, you’ll experience several hands-on exercises designed to build, tone, and flex your leadership muscles.

How It Works

Pick Your Six

We’ll help you identify the top 6 of 17 dimensions for development, based on the Radiant Leadership model. The 6-Pack workshops are designed as group exercises, so we’ll choose topics that will benefit the organization as a whole.

Set the Frequency

Once the 6 topics have been identified, we’ll work with you to plan a schedule that works best with your organization. It is recommended to complete all six in 12 to 18 months; this could be once per month, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The most important part about conditioning is to keep practicing – each session includes a personal score card, so each participant can track their progress as they develop.

Truly Radiant Leadership

6-Pack workshops infuse leadership throughout your organization, making it shine even brighter. Each 6-Pack conditioning topic is a dimension from the Radiant Leadership model, making it extremely powerful when used with Radiant Leadership 360’s. Using the 360 as a benchmark, we can precisely target your conditioning sessions and re-measure at the end of the program. It’s a winning combination for growing and radiating servant leadership!

Ready to get started?