Tools for Leading High Performance Teams

Leading a single follower is one thing, but leading an entire team requires more than just 1-on-1 leadership skills. In the second level of Leadership Flight School, we work with participants to understand, align, and optimize our teams to reach new altitudes.

Leadership Flight School Level II is designed to give “lift” to our teaming efforts and equip you to consistently develop and lead high performance teams.

Real-Time Team Diagnostics

LFS II includes assessments for your team members, like AMP, to provide you with a current snapshot of your team, so you can develop it toward your vision.

A clear plan

Throughout the week you will create a custom Team Development Plan – helping you take the knowledge and tools gained from class and get immediate results when you return to your team.

Interactive, Hands-On Experience

You’re in the driver’s seat of your learning – LFS 2 is filled with exercises that let you practice key new leadership tools in a safe environment.

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