Know Thy Self™ Workshops

Unleash the full potential of your team


Individual Growth = Team Success

Having over 35 years of executive development and team building experience with organizations, we have found that the most effective process for unleashing the synergistic potential of a team starts with individual team members clearly understanding themselves – what they bring to the team, their unique talents, strengths, weaknesses, development blockages, motivational “hot buttons,” fears, frustrations, needs, past experiences, driving issues, motivators, etc.

The Know Thy Self™ workshop is often the “first step” for our clients and goes far in terms of:

  • Providing insights into each team member’s temperament, personality, and unique qualities, and how these impact your team dynamics.
  • Fast-tracking the executive/professional development of each team member.
  • Addressing any potential personality conflicts, disconnects, and frustrations that may exist within the group.
  • Enhancing the team’s ability to work smarter, faster, and better together and with clients.

The Know Thy Self™ workshop leaves participants feeling aware of ways for them to develop, yet very positive about themselves, their team, and the organization’s future.  Know Thy Self™ is truly a catalyst for self-development and “kick starts” the team development process.


Leverage Individual Strengths

Launch personal development and help individuals understand how their personalities affect how they interact with others in the workplace.


Work Better Together

Participants learn how to use their unique strengths to make their team successful and work better together.


Boost Client Satisfaction

Understanding how to effectively connect with others forms the foundation for lasting success in all customer-facing roles.

Unleash your team