DISC Online Certification

The DISC assessment is a powerful tool for maximizing your team’s potential. When you know how to interact with various individual types and styles, you are better equipped to develop your employees, understand client needs, and have a foundation to handle any people issues you may encounter.

Our DISC certification course takes our DISC education to the next level by teaching YOU how to interpret DISC for others. It’s a fast track to mastering DISC, improving people performance, and optimizing how you lead and connect with others.

Upon completion, you will receive an official diploma of your certification, a DISC Certified badge to place on your resume or social media, and access to our proprietary system to order and utilize DISC for yourself.

One Course – Many Possibilities  

DISC Certification: For Leaders

The key to successful leadership is understanding – understanding yourself and your team. And DISC is one of the most powerful resources for understanding people in use today. Learning the inner workings of temperament provides a deep and rich knowledge about yourself and your team members. Leveraging this knowledge of how people are hard-wired is a powerful way to unlock the exceptional performance potential of your team.

The Bartell DISC certification will instill you with valuable takeaways that help in everyday leadership challenges, such as:

  • Giving targeted feedback – that others want to receive.
  • Cutting conflicts and “people” challenges off at the source.
  • Understanding why difficult people are “the way they are” and “how to handle them.”
  • Reading others quickly and easily.
  • Knowing how to align yourself with your team members.


Developing your followers helps move the whole team forward. The challenge for leaders is to know where to focus that development for the best results. Thankfully DISC gives clear areas of individual strength and opportunity that align with performance, making it easy to conduct targeted and impactful development.



How every individual prefers to communicate and connect with others starts from their temperament. Learning these precise drivers of communication allows you to know how to work best with each person on your team, and maximize group connection.


While it’s impossible to “motivate” someone else, you can create a work environment that fosters motivation and performance. Knowing how each individual is wired and prefers to approach their work is the foundation for that environment. DISC tells you the exact “personality buttons” to press to enhance individual and team performance.

DISC Certification: For Human Resources Professionals

As an HR professional you have one of the hardest – and most important – jobs in the organization. Selection, onboarding, development, retention, promotion… it all starts with you. It’s your job to maximize the value of the organization’s most expensive and valuable resource.

Becoming DISC certified is an investment that will yield exceptional returns for you and your team. The DISC assessment and the knowledge of “how people work” add value to all areas of the HR function – saving time, money, and finite resources.

Some of the many values DISC certification brings to HR include:


  • Know how a candidate will fit with the team, the leader, and the organization.
  • Improve interview outcomes through greater connection and deeper understanding of personal traits.
  • Understand gaps and areas of need when filling key roles.
  • Debrief/interpret DISC results for hiring key roles in the organization.


  • Identify onboarding challenges and tailor onboarding objectives to areas of greatest need.
  • Create powerful team integration experiences based on team data.
  • Lead (and train managers to lead) targeted onboarding discussions.


  • Specifically target development to unique individual strengths and challenges.
  • Give “data backing” to development conversations to increase the adoption and application of new skills.
  • Align development goals and priorities with the motivational characteristics of each individual.


  • Learn areas of critical mismatch that may be leading to potential attrition.
  • Support managers in targeted re-recruitment of key talent.
  • Select candidates based on team and manager fit and reduce the likelihood of attrition from the start.

In-depth Training, Simply Delivered

For over 40 years, Bartell has been a leader in the design and application of assessments such as DISC to improve the people operations of our client partners. Our comprehensive online training program will teach you how to use DISC to identify, develop, and connect with your employees so they become high performing teams.

The course is made up of five chapters and over 20 videos, with quizzes, response forms, and other resources to enhance the learning experience. It is available on-demand, so you can go at your own pace and revisit it anytime. You’ll also have the opportunity to submit questions to instructors and fellow students, so you’re never alone on your learning journey.

Upon completion of the course, you will be certified by Bartell & Bartell to administer and debrief DISC for other individuals in your organization, giving you the credentials and expertise to transform your organization and the people inside it. Don’t let the challenges of managing your employees hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards understanding and developing your team with the Bartell & Bartell DISC Certification Course.

Rollout for one – or many

From its online and on-demand nature, there is no limit to who can take the DISC certification. It can be completed by one individual, or easily scaled up to as many users as desired. Plus, as it’s self-led, it provides a powerful but streamlined development track for high-potentials, human resources, and leaders to acquire new high-impact skills.

As a SHRM-certified provider, each Bartell DISC certification course qualifies for 10 SHRM Professional Development Credits.

Bartell & Bartell, Ltd. is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® recertification activities.