Tools to help you select your next star employees


Employees should hit the ground running

Hiring the right employee is essential for your success. Each new hire can either make your business excel – or cost you thousands of dollars. And the stakes get higher and higher the more senior the position becomes. That is why it’s critical to make sure you understand your candidate, before you hire them.

If your experiences are anything like ours, we know that the selection of a “good fit” up-front is worth its weight in gold. It allows employees to ramp up quickly and saves many dollars and headaches in the long run! With over 30 years of experience, we have repeatedly seen that selecting the right people is foundational to the success of a winning team and hiring the right person can make a big difference in productivity and profit.

Our Pre-hire Tools


ASAP helps you understand your candidate like you’ve known them for years. Each ASAP consists of a tailored portfolio of the best pre-hire assessments available, plus an in person result interpretation from our experts. It’s amazingly comprehensive, accurate, and predictive!


Know Thy Hire helps you unlock who your candidate really is. Using a pin-pointed behavioral interview – based on the candidate’s personality – Know Thy Hire arms you with the keys to reveal your candidate’s true fit.


Assessment Plus is our most comprehensive selection system. Custom tailored to each candidate and position, Assessment Plus allows you to see your candidate in action, before you hire them.

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