Enhance your interview.

What is Know Thy Hire?

Know Thy Hire is a better interview.  It generates interview questions precisely tailored to your candidate – allowing you to easily determine if they fit your organization.  By asking questions specifically targeted to the individual’s strengths and challenges, you will get an in-depth understanding of their work-style and if they are right for your organization.

The best part is you don’t have to do anything but ask the questions.  Have your candidate complete a quick assessment and you’ll get a complete interview – instantly.

How it works

1. Style Discovery

Your candidate takes a quick, online assessment.  This determines “who” they are, and what makes them tick.

2. Custom Questions

The best questions for that specific candidate are selected.  Using their assessment, we select interview questions that will reveal how this person will work – so you can get the insight you need.

3. Pick for Fit

Using the custom Know Thy Hire interview, you will be able to see who this person is and how they work.  This allows you to decide if the individual is a good fit for your organization, or if you should keep looking.

Elegantly Simple

We believe the best products should be simple to use. That’s why Know Thy Hire can be purchased when you need it, directly from our online store, and only takes seconds to set-up. All the rest is automated. Whether you hire one person a year, or ten per week, Know Thy Hire can support your needs.

Purchase Online

When you’re ready, simply purchase a Know Thy Hire from our online store.


Work Style Inventory

Direct your candidate to the automatically provided link to complete their work style inventory. The assessment is completely online and only takes 20 minutes to complete.


When the candidate is complete you automatically receive your Know Thy Hire interview – custom tailored to the candidate’s work style.

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