Data Driven Development

Qualify feedback forms a solid foundation managerial for development and change.

ODDIS® 360° helps form that foundation. ODDIS 360 is a diagnostic software program that provides leaders and managers with feedback on leadership skills and behaviors that impact their performance and effectiveness. ODDIS® 360° focuses in on the individual and their interactions with those around them. It is the result of over 30 years of research and experience, examining the relationship between leadership, organizational culture, and organizational effectiveness. The ODDIS® 360° instrument is designed to be efficient, cost effective, and extremely rich in practical, developmental feedback.

Accurate, Unbiased Feedback

Feedback is only valuable if it’s accurate. That’s why we take great care to make sure all information collected through our 360s is accurate and geared toward development. ODDIS 360 is no exception.

We’ve carefully designed each 360 to ensure all participants feel secure giving objective feedback. Additionally, we use the most advanced processes to reduce rater error and biases – so the end result is truly valuable.

Each 360 includes:

  • Anchored ratings and easy to understand dimensions. This helps reduce rater bias and ensure accurate information.
  • Behavioral indicators that allowing an extra source of completely unbiased development-oriented feedback.
  • Anonymous results and confidential pin numbers – secured and hosted off site.



A version for every leader

ODDIS 360 comes in multiple versions, including:

  • Executive (30 dimensions)
  • Emerging Leader (23 dimensions)
  • Technical/Support (20 dimensions)
  • Customized – Add your own dimensions


Practical Applications

There are many applications for ODDIS 360. Whether used for measuring leadership strengths, as an alternative to the performance appraisal, or in creating a succession plan – ODDIS 360 can fit many needs.


Intuitive and Powerful Reports

ODDIS® 360° results are colorful and graphic and designed to be easy to read, use, and track future development progress.  The reports go beyond providing ratings, to providing both positive comments and developmental suggestions for every dimension.

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