Servant Leadership

Shaping Exceptional Leaders


Organizational Success Starts with Leadership

Our philosophy at Bartell & Bartell, Ltd. is that servant leadership is vital to the sustained success of any organization. Servant leadership develops healthy high-performance teams and is a company’s strategic advantage in an uncertain economy.

Servant leadership isn’t about pushing others to get things done; it’s about helping others accomplish what they didn’t think possible. It is the only leadership model that fully unleashes the potential in your followers. Through effective servant leadership your team will have a synergistic relationship, which will help your organization experience the success it desires.

How we help

An immersive 3 ½ days of hands-on training designed to equip leaders with tools for real-world results. Leadership development is a process, not an event. Leadership Flight School starts leaders on a path to success.


Data Based Development

Stop guessing and start measuring. Our diagnostic systems can quantify the key traits leaders require – allowing you to provide your growing talent with the feedback needed to become high performance leaders.


Join a Growing Network of Leaders

Continuously grow your leadership expertise through meeting and connecting with other leaders through our leadership programs and experiences.


Get Tools for Continued Success

Every profession has their own speciality tools. Leadership is no different. Our tools, such as LDT and AMP, provide your leaders with the resources they need to be successful and serve their followers.


A Proven Path

The Radiant Leadership system gives you a clear path to leadership excellence. Radiant Leadership will accelerate your organizational success through converting intellectual capital into organizational intelligence and performance.

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