Tools for Your Journey to Personal Success

Unleash Your Interpersonal Success

Professionals who communicate and lead effectively go further and get there faster than those who don’t. Top-notch communication skills are essential if you want to get ahead and be part of a high performance team in these economic times. DISCovery is a launch pad for aligning team members and equipping them to work better together and achieve unprecedented results.

Leadership DISCovery is all about maximizing your interpersonal relationships through discovering the power in understanding different temperament types, influence modes, and stress patterns. This powerful workshop is designed to help you…

  • Leverage your strengths.
  • Increase your influence and achieve consistent results.
  • Craft a personalized plan for fully unleashing your potential.

This program’s highly interactive style, which our clients have affectionately coined “edutainment,” will make you laugh while you learn and is a “must” for anyone looking to improve communication and optimize interpersonal success!

What You’ll learn

There is one constant in every conversation you have – You’re in it! Understanding yourself, your motivations, and your hot-buttons are the most effective way to improve your interpersonal communication. DISCovery is a fun and powerfully informative exploration into what makes you, your colleagues, clients and even your family members tick! You will learn the answers to…


  • What are my strengths that can make me a better leader and team member?
  • How does my style impact those who work around me?
  • What leadership areas are natural for me and what do I have to monitor, develop, and strengthen?
  • How can I quickly “read” others and successfully connect better with them to build cooperation and achieve results.



Custom to you

Before each session you take three powerful instruments that measure “who you are” and how you work. This ensures you will walk away with a highly personalized benefits and next steps.


A leadership catalyst

DISCovery will develop your leadership skills, by:

  • Providing insight into how personal qualities impact team dynamics.
  • Equipping you to communicate effectively and increase leadership effectiveness.
  • Minimizing blockages that may get in the way of your success.


For any team or individual

Anyone can benefit from DISCovery. Our participants have included:

  • Presidents and CEOs
  • Leadership Team Members
  • Managers / Supervisors and Team leads
  • Sales professionals
  • Anyone interested in discovering who they are and how to communicate with others.