Take the guesswork out of development

Determining exactly how to develop team members to effectively accomplish challenging tasks can be difficult. Every task and individual requires a different approach to get the most effective and immediate result. When the wrong development method is chosen, it results in frustration for both you and the individual completing the task.

That’s why we made the Leadership Development Template – to take the guesswork out of development. Think of it as your own “Leadership Calculator”. It guides you through several easy steps and quickly generates a report on what development approach is best for the task at hand and for that specific individual.

Based on the Leadership Alignment Index, the Leadership Development Template first determines which of the 6 stages of development is ideal for your specific scenario, and then gives a precise intervention to use. This ensures that you choose the right method the first time and helps your team members get better results.

Accelerate Development

The Leadership Development Template helps you get results faster with targeted approaches that allow you to speed up development and prevent any unwanted sidetracks. The end result of proper development is a team that gets things done quickly and efficiently.

Track Progress

With the included online development tracker, you can record your development progress with an individual to see how they are improving over time. Plus, you can review previous sessions to determine what could be improved, and apply similar approaches to new team members.

Completely Online

The Leadership Development Template is completely online, and all the data of your development sessions are stored securely in the cloud. It’s quick and easy to log in, identify the right development approach, and start improving your team!

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