As we make our way to the polls today, we consider our options. If I vote for this candidate, what’s in it for me? Every campaign does its best to show you what you get if you elect the candidate. Political campaigns focus on the, “What’s in it for Me,” or WIIFM, of their potential supporters.

It’s a similar concept in the workplace. Understanding someone else’s WIIFM is a powerful tool for leaders. The one thing a person must have to be a leader, is followers. Why would someone want to follow you? What’s in it for them? Leaders help followers do and get things they couldn’t without the leader. It’s their WIIFM that indicates how to serve them.

Followers are more likely to go the extra mile for their leaders because their leaders make it worth it. WIIFM is more than pay, although it might be a small part of it. Think of it this way: what do you provide your followers that makes extra tasks worth their while? Do you encourage a collaborative environment, where everyone has input? Do you provide coaching and development to your followers? Perhaps you simply trust them to complete their tasks to the best of their abilities without micro-managing, or you provide consistent and helpful feedback.

Consider your own WIIFMs. Are there aspects of your current job that make it worth your time besides pay? What are they? Maybe you get to make a difference in people’s lives, or be creative in your role.

When you think about your employees’ WIIFMs, it can impact your company in many ways. Here are five such possibilities:

Improve morale.

This might seem obvious, but morale has serious impact on an organization. When employees feel good about their work and their workplace, morale improves. Keeping the WIIFM of your employees in mind helps leaders serve their followers in a productive way.

Attract new employees.

With high morale, it’s easier to attract top talent. Employees are more likely to speak highly of their employer. Plus, writing a job advertisement is more effective when the candidate understands what’s in it for them, too.

Reduce turnover.

When individuals feel that the organization has their best interest in mind, they are less likely to leave. Even a job offering higher pay would have to have some serious WIIFM benefits to entice your followers into a new environment.

Improve performance.

Employees are more likely to give their all when they know their leaders keep their WIIFMs in mind. Their quality of work may improve and their output quantity might increase. In addition, customer-facing employees are more likely to exude warmth and confidence, increasing customer satisfaction.

Grow the company.

It’s a domino effect. Customers who are well served by your employees have another WIIFM themselves – quality care. Word-of-mouth travels faster than ever with online reviews, and a company that cares about its people radiates into care for its customers. It’s certainly possible to see sales increase from simply considering employees’ WIIFMs.