Radiant Leadership is the process of converting intellectual capital into organizational intelligence through a bold and clear understanding of self, a commitment to serving others, and a continuous synchronization of work-energies toward an ever-expanding, common vision.


The more employees you have radiating Servant Leadership, the brighter your organization will shine – you’ll improve morale, increase productivity and reduce turnover. At Bartell, we strive to help organizations become their best and brightest – and keep it that way. With more than 40 years of assessment and diagnostic organizational experience, we’ve found 17 key components of successful leaders and how to leverage them for building high performance organizations.

Leadership Flight School is just one of the solutions we offer to guide your organization to unleashing its full potential. By developing the leader’s mind and heart, you’ll begin to develop each of those 17 dimensions and walk away with tools to continue improving.

To Put It Simply…

Radiant Leadership is the process of converting

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 toward an ever-expanding, common