A True System for Leadership Advancement

We're here for you throughout your leadership journey.

Leadership Flight School is different. Unlike other leadership trainings that focus on theory or generic philosophies, LFS takes you back to the fundamentals of leadership and how to apply them in every day situations. The emphasis is on practicing true servant leadership, and making the leap from manager to leader.

The Bartell Online Assessments

Leadership Flight School includes a full battery of the Bartell Online Assessment Instruments. These assessments personalize your experience by measuring “who you are,” your leadership style, and where you are in your personal development. Once registered for a class, you’ll receive an email from us with instructions for completing the assessment.

The assessments measure your temperament (how you’re hard-wired), personality. current stress, your preferred leadership style, and your approach to conflict. All of the instruments come together to form your Personal Assessment Portfolio, which will help answer questions such as:

  • What are my strengths that I can build as a leader?
  • What are my underdeveloped areas and how can I improve them?
  • Do I have any qualities that could inhibit effective leadership?
  • How can I better align myself with team members?
  • What are my dominant traits?
  • How does my style impact those I work with?
  • What leadership areas do I need to develop?

One of the Leadership Flight School instructors will walk you through your results, providing you with one-on-one  focus so you can get the most out of your Leadership Flight School experience.







Leadership Flight School is a unique and personalized development experience designed to build leaders from the “inside out.” This course equips leaders with practical tools and templates for real-world application. Each class is comprised of leaders from a variety of industries at different stages in their careers. Leadership Flight School is a hands-on, living experience and the class dynamics contribute to the learning throughout the week.


Level I of Leadership Flight School covers:

  • Discovering Leadership
    • Understanding the difference between leadership and management
    • History of leadership, and how it’s changed
    • Inspiring followers
    • Dynamics of servant leadership
    • Understanding your personal leadership style
    • Connecting with others
  • Principles of Flight
    • Communicating succinctly and productively with team members
    • Painting a clear or clarifying vision for team members
    • Shifting your paradigm to minimize conflict
  • Flight Simulator
    • Build your “mental muscle memory” through real-world application
    • Applying leadership templates to increase your probability for success
  • Unleashing Potential
    • Understanding interpersonal dynamics
    • Understanding and leveraging your leadership aura
    • How to use the “right tool” at the “right time”
    • Using the Leadership Development Template (LDT)
    • Reflection upon your experience

Level II of Leadership Flight School picks up where Level I left off – using what they learned about leading individuals, Level II focuses on the dynamics and practices of leading teams. Using the latest tools and technology for team building and architecting, Level II allows users to practice with real data from their teams for a truly personalized, highly valuable experience.

Level II Leadership Flight School is available once or twice per year as an open session, and it is also available as a “Private Chartered” session to enhance real-time team building.


Level II of Leadership Flight School covers:

  • Understanding Teams and Their Dynamics
    • Understanding why we need teams
    • Understanding different types of teams
    • Measuring team effectiveness
    • Constraints of team formation
    • Understanding the emotional cycle of a team
  • Team Building and Architecture
    • Charting your career path
    • Understanding how temperament, personality, focal length, stress, and helpfulness impact team dynamics
    • Measuring performance with 360° Feedback
    • Measuring and monitoring your team’s stress
  • Team Building Tools and Skill Development
    • Practicing painting a vision for your team
    • Unleashing the Organizational Intelligence (OI) of your team
    • Using the Vroom-Yetton model for decision-making
  • Practicing Team Building
    • Building a Quick Response Team (QRT)
    • Solving real organizational scenarios
    • Measuring climate and culture of teams and organizations

Just as physical exercise helps your body to become stronger and more efficient, exercising your leadership builds your mental muscle memory and infuses those skills into your reflexes. The more you stretch and practice, the easier it becomes. The Bartell 6-Pack for Leadership Fitness and Conditioning gives you the power to develop your leadership long after you’ve been through Leadership Flight School. It’s part of a true system for optimizing success.



6-Pack Leadership Fitness and Conditioning



The Bartell 6-Pack for Leadership Fitness and Conditioning is a practical, hands-on approach to continuous leadership development. Each session is a short, focused workshop packed with group and individual exercises to sharpen your skills. You’ll work with your peers and your Personal Leadership Trainer to practice your technique, receive feedback, and help others to refine their skills. This series is the best way to maintain a coherent fabric of leadership across your organization for sustainable success.


Why do we call it “6-Pack”? We’ll provide you with 6 workshops spread over a few months or a year – each focused on a key element of leadership that is tailored to your needs. There are 17 topics to choose from, based on the Bartell Radiant Leadership model:

  • Servant Leadership
  • Maintaining Trust
  • Developing People
  • Developing Your Team
  • Unleashing Creativity
  • Infusing Entrepreneurship
  • Defining Reality
  • Decision-Making
  • Providing Rewards
  • Job Performance
  • Fostering Accountability
  • Monitoring Environment & Performance
  • Activating Empowerment
  • Living Company Values
  • Reinforcing a “Can Do” Environment
  • Adult-to-Adult Communication

These topics can be benchmarked and monitored over time using the Bartell Radiant Leadership 360 Assessment, to create organizational metrics that document your ROI.

Leadership radiates in all directions. Measuring a leader’s effectiveness with a 360-degree feedback tool captures just how brightly it shines throughout an organization. Knowing where to polish can help brighten the workplace and improve performance.


Bartell Radiant Leadership 360

The Bartell Radiant Leadership 360 is an online diagnostic that provides leaders with feedback on their leadership skills and behaviors that impact their performance. It focuses on the 17 dimensions of Radiant Leadership for any one individual, providing real insight into what is working and what needs attention. It’s an excellent way to benchmark and monitor personal leadership development.

The Bartell Radiant Leadership 360 measures the following core leadership competencies:02 Bullseye Composite

  • Servant Leadership
  • Maintaining Trust
  • Developing People
  • Developing Your Team
  • Unleashing Creativity
  • Infusing Entrepreneurship
  • Defining Reality
  • Decision-Making
  • Providing Rewards
  • Job Performance
  • Fostering Accoutability
  • Monitoring Environment & Performance
  • Activating Empowerment
  • Living Company Values
  • Reinforcing a “Can Do” Environment
  • Adult-to-Adult Communication