Here’s what our clients are saying about working with Ben!

“Ben has changed my life. I originally met Ben through company-sponsored training in 2019. I have continued to work with him. When I first started working with him, my team was in the midst of a challenging transition and my stress and workload was at an all-time high. He offered invaluable coaching and mentorship on how I could change my approach to work and its challenges. I’ve had great mentors before, but no one has ever offered Ben’s practical and educated insight into Leadership principles, interpersonal dynamics, and team cohesion. Today I approach work and my personal life much differently than two years ago with a leadership-minded lens. As a result, my stress is lower, I’m calmer, my team is more of a team, and we’re successfully developing new and emerging leaders within my organization. I recommend Ben to whoever will listen. Several people on my team meet with him on a regular basis and feel similarly to how I do with respect to his coaching, mentorship, and teaching.”

Chris O’Brien

Senior Engineering Manager, Tinder

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ben Elman since 2020 and highly recommend Ben as an expert in Organizational behavior especially his passion towards the concept of “Servant Leadership”. Over the course of our working relationship, I found Ben to be a genuinely caring person, highly thoughtful, knowledgeable, and tactful in dealing with complex organizational issues. His approach to any issue is methodical using root cause analysis to make his diagnosis and his “Servant Leadership” concept to provide recommendations. He is also an excellent instructor and a great motivator. I had the privilege of attending the “Know Thyself” (@ Bartell & Bartell Ltd) training session along with several of our new hires. His communication skills and his ability to keep his audience engaged is par excellence. He has an uncanny ability to simplify and communicate complex concepts to his audience and this makes him a great teacher. He can connect with people very well by using his personal life experiences thereby endears himself to his students. I highly recommend Ben Elman for people looking to learn more about “Servant Leadership” as well as for resolving complex organizational issues.”

Vijaya Narayanan

HR Manager, Avail Technologies

“Ben is a brilliant executive coach and valued business partner. His guidance and support are rooted in the principles of servant leadership, which resonates even when asking the hard questions. If you have a need for such skills, I highly recommend a conversation with Ben.”

Jennifer Taylor

Dir. Talent & Organizational Development, Kehe Distributors

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ben on several occasions over the past three years. Ben’s insight, coaching, mentoring and public speaking skills are exemplary. Whether he is working with seasoned executives or first-time supervisors, Ben is able to deliver invaluable coaching to his clients. Whether he is working one-to-one or in a group setting, Ben is able to tailor his message to the needs of the audience. He is able to guide clients to look at situations from a different perspective and to move forward to the solution stage. I highly recommend for leadership development, consultation and presentations.”

Mary Jeanne Curley


“Ben provides a unique blend of coaching support by providing critical information and by asking insightful questions. Within a short period of time, Ben understood what motivates me as a person, my strengths, and the areas where he could push me to grow. Ben posed tough questions which I continue to ask myself as I learn how to best serve others. As a result, my meetings with Ben have had a long-term effect on how I think about my work and my role as a leader.”

Noreen O’Neill


“Ben is a genuine person, who can take complex leadership topics and make them make sense. He helps diagnose any work related issues you may be having, and gives meaningful insight into resolving them with a conscientious and servant based leader mentality. Ben has unique ability to rise above the sector specific issues and get to the root of the problem (human issues transcend sector). When you couple the above with the fact that Ben is also driven, caring and simply just a good guy, it makes sense why he is such an asset to any team!”

Benjamin Sites

Chief Deputy Sheriff, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

“Each time I’ve worked with Ben, I found him to be intuitive, articulate and winsome. His professionalism and listening attitude demonstrated care for those he was interacting with, which helped draw out deeper learning from our staff members. I highly recommend Ben to anyone looking for a trustworthy coach who cares for the client’s growth and self-understanding.”

Howard Rich

CFO, Global Disciples

“In November 2019 I was fortunate to have Doctor Ben Elman as the lead instructor in a servant leadership course. Doctor Elman is an effective coach and instructor who keeps the topics lively through engagement with the class and the use of great examples of communication successes and failures in his personal and professional life. If you are a leader who is looking to learn more about the psychology of leadership, I would highly recommend any course that Doctor Elman instructs.”

Adam Berry

Chief Deputy Sheriff, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office