Team Development

Helping to Unleash High Performance Teams

Develop Your Followers, Develop Your Team

We have found that the most effective process for unleashing the synergistic potential of a team starts with individual team members clearly understanding themselves — the unique qualities they bring to the team, their outstanding individual strengths, development blockages, motivational “hot-buttons”, fears, frustrations, and many other characteristics. It also involves understanding foundational team dynamics. Our goal is to optimize the synergistic potential and alignment of your team with an approach that is customized, precise, and results oriented.

How we help

Benchmark Your Team

Bartell Team development sessions are based upon true diagnostics and are tailored to specific intervention points, so that the team’s potential can be unleashed.

Identify Blockages

Supported by our diagnostic technology, we’ll help you determine what is blocking the team from forming – and stop deterioration of the team if it is occurring.

Align for Success

The more aligned your team becomes, the more synergistic the decisions and efforts of the team members will become. This synergy results in a more consistent tendency for a team to “gel.”

Growing Your Team Toward High Performance

These components of team development form a strong foundation from which participants can unleash a new level of team efficiency. Bartell Team Developments are customized to your team and are very deliberate, yet flexible, to allow each participant to contribute and create an increased state of trust. As the trust builds, communication between the group increases and the team starts to form. Special alignment techniques are introduced, as needed, to help fast track the process. Bartell Team Developments are highly interactive and experiential, and are designed to be the catalyst for continued long term development.

Let Us Customize Your Team Development!