Leadership Flight School 1 -

Soaring above the rest

But don't take our word for it!


“I will do all I can to recommend this to others at our company.”

Pat Boland, Regional Sales Manager

Main Companies



“The Material presented although excellent was only half the program. Watching the instructors and seeing how they used the methods to lead us through the lessons was valuable.”

Grant Henry, Field Operations Manager

Berks Homes



“I can be a tough critic on Leadership courses. I learned much and have several areas to work on. Thanks!”

Mike Weaver, Executive VP

The Weaver Group



“A training course that has been life-changing. The leadership tools provided will be used in every aspect of my life – and will enhance each. Thank you. Now I know what flying 1st class feels like. The entire team anticipated every need before we even registered them.”

Tony Baker

The Weaver Group



“Amazing how our trades are different between groups but how everyone has the same issues leading people.”

Larry, 2009 Graduate

Fenner Dunlop



“As a young, developing leader, I found the course to be an inflection point on the journey to be a better leader. I feel like I’ve been equipped with the tools that typically come from significant years of experience.”

Jeff Koslosky, Director of R&D

Prodesco, Inc.



“Brilliant! Everyone’s humor adds so much. Keep it up!”

2008 Graduate




“Enjoyed it! Thanks for the refreshing outlook.”

Keri Morton

Governor Mifflin School District




“Everyone at Bartell is very courteous and helpful. Everyone on the staff has excellent knowledge of the topic and is very passionate about leadership.”

Jason Cheshire, 2009 Graduate

Spartanburg Steel




“Excellent presentations and content. I learned a great deal about myself and how to envision the type of leader I want to become!”





“Excellent training. It was a lot of fun, very interesting, and I gained some great insight. The small classroom was conducive to learning, and the instructors were excellent.”

Mark Kolanowski, Senior Research Analyst

Benco Dental


“Excellent week – looking forward to practicing level 1 and attending level 2.”

Adam Chenevey

Artiflex Manufacturing


“Exceptional! Remarkable! Fantastic! What any focused manager must understand to truly lead.”

Stephanie Brackenridge, 2010 Graduate



“Fabulous job! Thanks so much!”

Dave Strobel, VP Manufacturing Operations

Carpenter Technology Corporation


“Fantastic course, and I was able to experience this with a great group of individuals!”

Jim Retter, Director of Operations

Case Supply


“Flight School has taught me so much about myself. I feel more prepared for new challenges in my career. I would recommend Flight School to anyone with a desire for success!”

Mandy Hull, Private Label Product Manager

Benco Dental


“Flight School might initially seemed geared toward the business world of corporate politics and finances, but truly has practical and meaningful applications to the world of School Administration.”

Scott Schwartz, Associate Principal

Governor Mifflin School District


“Frightening – the things I didn’t know. Excellent class.”

Jim Cook



“Great experience.”

John Ramsden

Fenner Dunlop


“Great experience, this training really gave me a lot information I could sink my teeth into. I would definitely recommend others to attend. Thank you!”

Gale Hess

Fenner Dunlop


“Great mix of presentation, dialogue and practical exercises. You walk away with a selection of excellent leadership – relational tools.”

Dan Nold

Calvary Baptist Church


“Had a wonderful time! Entered this just dreading the program. By day 1 — felt that this was going to be of great value to me professionally and personally. We were encouraged yet critiqued in a very respectful, safe environment — very powerful and stimulating! Thank you so much!”

Anonymous – 2010 Graduate

Harrisburg Area Community College


“I always thought office politics was something to avoid. Now I understand organizational dynamics and how it works and how you can make it work for yourself.”

Diane Bilow, Purchasing Manager

Romeo Rim


“I came away with a lot of insight into leadership tools and practices I felt I was already somewhat familiar with. I definitely feel I added tools to my leadership tool belt that I will be more comfortable using in the future.”


Cherokee Pharmaceuticals


“I did not know what to expect before the class. This was very interesting and beneficial to my development. Excellent class.”

Ken Rocuskie, Fleet Manager

Lower Allen Township


“I have had a fair amount of training in leadership over the course of years, and so some of the concepts were not new to me, but they were organized and presented so well in LFS that it helped me gain a new perspective on ways I could apply my knowledge.”

Ciro Giammona, President

Harrell Remodeling


“I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to take their leadership skills to the next level. Too few opportunities in life present themselves that give you highly focused time to sharpen your leadership skills. During this high-energy week, you’ll learn strategies, tools and techniques to help you become the leader you’ve always wished to become. The effort you put forth during this week will pay dividends throughout your career and in your personal relationships.”

Kevin Andreyo, Ph.D.

Berks County Intermediate Unit


“I plan to take these ideas back and begin introducing them to my team. Vision I think is an extremely important skill.”

Chris Gross, Production Manager

Silberline Manufacturing Co.


“I really appreciated the background mix of participants in the class (some same and some very different). It helped us see things from different perspectives, same with the DISC temperaments. Also appreciated the humor and honest of the presenters.”

Pat Fox, HR

Kleerdex Co.


“I really enjoyed my time & will continue to review the materials”

Scott Vanderhoning

International Tooling Solutions


“I really enjoyed the course and look forward to applying the principles immediately. The presenters were top notch and the classroom dynamics also facilitated and enhanced the experience.”

Mark Woods, Director

PPL Services Corp.


“I really enjoyed the course and look forward to applying the principles. I’m anxious to begin using the tools from this training. The people here at Bartell really make learning fun and exciting. Thanks for a great week.”

Steve Giauque

Artiflex Manufacturing, LLC


“I really enjoyed the time I spent at Flight School, the process that promoted the closed relationships the groups developed is priceless. The tools are simple, common sense and easy to apply.”

2008 Graduate


“I was impressed and have grown from the experience.”

Michael Meier, CFO

SPE Federal Credit Union


“I will strongly recommend that we send others in our organization to this training.”

John Hutton, Production Manager

Atotech USA Inc.


“I wish I had known about these diagnostic tools in prior organizations that I have worked for. I will be letting colleagues who are not from my current organization (who aren’t familiar with you) know about Bartell & Bartell.”

Dave Misera



“I would like to thank you for the learning experience which has really opened my eyes, and is something that I will try to develop within my team and myself.”

2008 Graduate


“It has been a very valuable learning experience for me. I think it will tremendously help me with dealing with co-workers as well as the public. Thank you very much.”

Kenneth Hivner

Lower Allen Township


“It was magical”

Dave Roberts



“Leadership Flight School has been the single most valuable conference or training in my career.”

Ken Gibson, Chief Technology Officer

Twin Valley School District


“Leadership Flight School will be the key to unleashing hidden potential inside of our growing organization. Thanks to our team for helping in my development.”

Vince Cover, 2011 Graduate

ArtiFlex Manufacturing, LLC


“Most enriching.”

David Oostendorp, 2009 Graduate



“Thank you – You have changed my life & how I am going to do my job.”

Bill Schaeffer, Director of Marketing

Benco Dental


“Thank you!.”

Ted Albert, 2011 Graduate

ArtiFlex Manufacturing, LLC


“Thank you very much. In the last week, I have grown in my knowledge as well as in my personal development. You have helped me in ways that I have yet to see, that I can feel growing inside myself. A caterpillar in a cocoon.”

Chris Connelly, 2010 Graduate



“Thank you. I learned a lot.”

Darin Mather



“The amount of knowledge from Shawn, Bill and Rod compared to all other schools I have attended was remarkable.”

Ron Seltmann, 2010 Graduate


“The best leadership course I’ve ever attended. I now have the tools and templates to take back with me to use. The course brought both the theory and practicality together. Very interactive – an experience of a lifetime!!”

Cheryl Bartram

Abundance Wealth Counselors


“The class was an excellent forum for learning some structured approaches to using leadership skills even though they don’t get called for in neat and tidy ways. Overall, the information, the concepts and presenters were excellent.”

2005 Graduate, Assistant Vice President

Penn Millers Insurance


“The information discussed in this course is definitely an eye-opener. It creates the energy to not only lead others, but lead yourself professionally and personally. Thank you for an excellent seminar! I enjoyed the week and go away excited to try a new style.”

Donna Lidgett, Product Marketing Manager

Restek Corporation


“The lessons build on the previous day and dovetail quite nicely. It is a very natural progression through the learning process. I really enjoyed connecting with others, especially my co-workers.”

Charlotte Layton

American Refining Group


“The program was well designed and executed.”

Joe Clifford, Director of Marketing & Sales

PPL Solutions


“The program was well designed and executed.”

Alissa Green, 2011 Graduate

Spartanburg Steel Products


“These guys are right on in their approach to leadership – if every leader would apply these principals we would have the most productive society ever.”

Erik Woodland, 2010 Graduate

Fenner Drives


“This experience peaked my curiosity and desire to learn as much as I can to become a better leader. Flight School was described as life-changing before I got here. I was concerned with such a bold statement; however, I have the tools, need, and desire to make these changes real. Thanks!”

Bob Konopke, HRIS Administrator


“This has been a great experience.”

Jeremy Hopkins, 2011 Graduate

Mersen USA


“This has been the best leadership training because of how [Bartell] facilitated sharing of ideas and application. The previous training was stifling.”

Janet Moisey, General Manager

Prodesco, Inc.


“This is a great tool that shows cause and effect in the day to day work experience, it provides useful and practical ways to handle situations and events.”

Larry Yanachik, Plant manager

Fenner Dunlop


“This seminar was spot on for Leadership development”

John Tice, 2009 Graduate

APR Supply


“This was a truly enlightening experience. I felt as if I was actually at my office during the entire week – mentally attempting to apply concepts and templates to numerous situations that exist at present.”

Rich Montecalvo

Office of the State Attorney


“This was a very practical way to learn a complex skill while providing me some new insights about myself”

Jim McElroy

Romeo RIM


“This was an amazing course! Seldom do you get so many self reflections that turn on so many light bulbs.”

Marc Baranouski

Cherokee Pharmaceuticals


“This was an extremely provocative and challenging program. I thought I was exercising good leadership skills and had grown beyond a ‘management’ model. Leadership Flight School shattered the model of leadership I thought I was practicing, providing unique opportunities for change and growth.”

Kevin Higgins, Vice President of Claims

Penn Millers Insurance


“This was not only a significant change to my leadership at work, but in my personal life as well.”

Steve Huesing



“This was the best career development opportunity I have had in my Life!”

Kevin Gerlach, IT Manager

Fenner Drives


“Top notch course – very logical in its approach. Gives me direction on where I’m heading.”

Gary Welker

American Refining Group


“Very good session, well laid out and presented.”

Jason Kinney

Fenner Drives


“Whether it was intended or not – this whole course will cause improvement in every aspect of life – home, church & work.”

Heath Frey


“Wonderful experience. Thank you.”

Kriss McDonald



“You help clarify what leadership really is and I feel better equipped to use it both at work and in my personal life. Thank you.”

Sharon Burpee, Administrative Assistant to the President

International Tooling Solutions, Inc.


“Well worth my time!”

Rick Wolf, Director of Instruction

Governor Mifflin SD



“Flight School gives very practical suggestions for dealing with difficult situations. The templates make the impossible look easy. The presentation was excellent. We all grew together through the process of exploration.”

Andrea’ Coleman – Hill, Principal

Governor Mifflin SD



“The Material presented although excellent was only half the program. Watching the instructors and seeing how they used the methods to lead us through the lessons was valuable.”

2007 Graduate, General Manager

The Reserve Group




“A very enjoyable and reflecting experience. Looking forward to LFS II.”

Michael Heenan




“A very professional presentation of a subject I thought I had a reasonable handle on. However, my learnings have been terrific as Leadership Flight School probes many areas with far greater depth and practical sessions than I have experienced previously. First Class!”

David Landgren, Managing Director

Apex Fenner (Australia)


“An outstanding experience!”

Dave Peterson, Executive VP, COO

Mount Nittany Medical Center


“Bill and Shawn were amazing! They were able to keep my attention and mentally challenge me. The dynamic between the two of them truly demonstrates teamwork.”

Christina McCain, 2010 Graduate

Fenner Dunlop


“Engaging, informative and an extremely valuable learning experience. Most professional and credible team I’ve ever worked with.”

Karen West, General Manager

Prodesco, Inc.

“Excellent addition to my life’s learning experience.”

Steve Chadwick

Prodesco, Inc.

“Excellent experience!!”

John Sale, Mgr. Perf. Improv. & Leadership Development


“Excellent eye opener.”

Anonymous, 2009 Graduate


“I really enjoyed it. It’s great to be able to mine all the experiences of everyone in the room.”

Bobbi Weston, Manager – Mechanical Engineering


“Extremely valuable learning experience and an important step in my leadership development.”

Charles Williams, Health and Safety Officer

Restek Corporation

“Flight School provided me with the opportunity to learn the difference between a manager and a leader – I may never manage again… Thank you!”

Tracey Yanuzzi, Director of Support Services

Blue Cross Northeastern PA

“Flight School was a total paradigm shift of Leadership. Although I have taken grad courses in Leadership and attended conferences, the information shared this week was unlike any other. I only hope I can live up to the Servant Leadership model. The role playing was invaluable.”

Rina Vasallo, Director of Teaching and Learn

Springfield School District

“Flight School was much more than a seminar. It forced me to think differently about situations I encounter. This class will also allow me to make changes in my organization that will benefit my company for years to come!.”

Todd Weer, 2010 Graduate


“Flight School was very enlightening for me. The Level II class would give me the opportunity to show some growth.”

David Bigby, Process Coordinator

Fenner Dunlop

“Great class can’t wait to put my new skills to work and hopefully master them someday.”

Mike Gallagher

Abington Police Department

“Great experience – a compass in leadership. Nice job guys and ladies – a great benefit to me. Thanks.”

Brian Cole, Engineering Manager


“Great leadership for all areas of life – Work, Home Church. During the sessions this week, I made many “action items” for “home life” as well as “work life”.”

Jim Koelsch, IT Applications Coordinator

Fenner Drives

“I am a “hard sell.” My profile likes direct black & white answers that you can wrap your arms around. I came to this training with a vision that it would be too theoretical for my liking. I was wrong! I am leaving the training with concrete tools to make me a better leader going forward.”

Anonymous, 2009 Graduate


“I am anxious to begin using the tools I was given and that we practiced with, back in my work situation.”

Jerry Catagnus, Assistant Principal

Twin Valley School District

“I believe Flight School is more an experience than a training. Flight School makes you live the training tools real time.”

Matthew Neal, Shipping & Receiving Supervisor

Fenner Drives

“I came here trying to move up my company ladder and I am leaving with a fresh outlook on life that will help me in all aspects, including my friendships and family.”

Dale Jackson, Direct Sales Manager

Fenner Drives

“I fully enjoyed this experience. …Thank you for your positive approach and gentle guidance.”

Brenda George, 2010 Graduate

Governor Mifflin School District

“I have had a lot of fun becoming a true leader.”

James Stalker, Director & CTO

Precision Wind

“I honestly feel I’ve grown from my experiences here at Bartell & Bartell. As I am establishing a new team, I feel I have the tools to start us out on the correct foot forward. We are ready to run. My vision is 100% positive!!!”

2008 Graduate


“I really enjoyed Flight School – the presenters are insightful and entertaining. Very Interesting! Thank you!”

Brian Mull

Lycoming County


“I really enjoyed listening to the other students, the interaction from the group really helped me understand”

Carl Hawkins

Romeo Rim, Inc.

“I sincerely appreciated the professionalism. Your ability to put everyone at ease was an art! This can be an intimidating time – you helped us grow comfortably. Thank you!”

Steve Thompson


“I think this week was phenomenal. I consider this week a life changing experience from the fact that my eyes have been opened up. So many paradigms have shifted for me this week.”

Tim Warwick, General Manager

Byrne Tool & Die

“I truly look forward to utilizing the tools provided and growing as a leader.”

Rod Farley, 2010 Graduate

LW Consulting

“I very much enjoyed this week”

Andrea Huntebrinker

Fenner Dunlop

“I would love to get together with this group again!!!”

Christa Estes, Senior Engineer

Fenner Dunlop

“I’ve learned more at this program about Leadership than at all of the programs I’ve attended over the years, combined.”

John McCambridge, VP/General Manager

“If you attend only one course in a career, this is “the course” to go to.”

David DeWitt, Manager

Fenner Dunlop

“Initially or prior to arriving, I looked at Flight School as if I were going to the dentist. As things continued to progress I found myself more involved and open to learn.”

Michael Conway, Manager of IT Infrastructure Services

Penn Miller’s Insurance


“It is more than interesting, I found it extremely valuable. I would like to know about the next program. Is there a next level, and when should I plan on attending?”

Ed Evans, VP of HR


“Leadership Flight School is by far the best training program I have ever attended. I have gained insights and acquired tools that I will use in every facet of my life.”

Linda Taylor

Scotland Manufacturing Company


“Leadership Flight School is the best course out there; the tools I’ve learned can be applied immediately and will help me develop and grow in my career.”

Sara Hall, 2010 Graduate

Restek Corporation


“Leadership Flight School isn’t just a collection of “tools”; it is a system and a philosophy – a set of principles. It is an integrated approach.”

Gary J. Bast, Substation Engineering Manager

PPL Electric Utilities


“My experience/learning that occurred during LFS will significantly influence the direction of my career/life in the most positive way!”

Kurt Paquin, 2009 Graduate

Precision Wind


“One of the all time best sessions/training programs for emerging leaders and those that think they are leaders.”

Steve Brisco, 2009 Graduate

Fenner Dunlop


Drew Bradley, 2009 Graduate

Johnson & Johnson

“Overall great experience. Thank you.”

Keith Maurer, Pastor

State College Evangelical Free Church


“Thanks for helping to re-ignite the fire. I have found my energy this week. Now, it’s up to me to keep it going when I return to the office.”

Heidi Boser, HR

American Refining Group, Inc.


“Thanks to all of your development team for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.”

Rick Childs, 2011 Graduate

Spartanburg Steel

“The interactions between the classmates and the examples that we worked through are the “key” element to this class. Learning and then practicing what we learned is critical to the retention of the new skill.”

November 2008 Graduate



“The instructors – their passion, dedication, and enthusiasm regarding servant leadership and principles is amazing and real! Appreciated it.”

2008 Graduate


“The principles learned in Leadership Flight School positively impacted our operations, our bottom line, and more importantly, me. If you interact with people on any level, consider this training mandatory.”

Joseph Sebzda, Manager

Rolling Hills Landfill


“The program was extremely insightful. It gave me the tools & the confidence to use those tools at work and at home. Thank you!”

2007 Graduate, Associate Product Manager


“The school has completely changed my view of my role in the organization. I can’t wait to share my vision with my team.”

George Kavulich

Penn Miller’s Insurance


“These five days have been wonderful.”

Fred Stauffer

American Refining Group


“This continues to be a fantastic ride. I continue to learn about myself and others to a depth that I was previously unaware.”

Tim Brown, Sr. VP – Sales & Marketing

American Refining Group


“This Flight School really has opened my eyes to what leadership is and how many people are doing it incorrectly.”

Erik Newill, 2009 Graduate

Fenner Dunlop


“This has been one of the most enlightening experiences of my career. Everyone, regardless of their profession, should expose themselves to this opportunity for development.”

Lisa Stanton, 2009 Graduate

Spartanburg Steel Products


“This has been the most stimulating training I have ever attended”

Mike Stebich, 2009 Graduate

Carbone of America


“This is the most helpful, thought-provoking and self-awareness building activity I’ve done for myself in the past 10 years.”

Bob Hocutt, CIO

Glenn O’ Hawbaker


“This was a great experience that will immediately improve the results for me and Meijer. The absolute best session I have ever attended. I consider myself fortunate. I am smarter by attending.”

David Stickney



“This was a very exhausting week (mentally) which was great. It really opens your mind, heart, and soul to the amount of effort and work that it takes to be a leader. This has opened up a whole new area of growth and development for me. Thanks, Great Job!!!”

Brad Rightnour, New Product Development

Restek Corporation


“This was the best class I have attended the approach to teaching this class was top notch. Thank you!”

Jeff Scheetz

Pennsy Supply


“This was the best training session I have ever attended. I would highly recommend to any leader or leader in the making.”

Michael Flowe

Scotland Mfg


“This was truly a “life” tool, not just a business tool.”

Troy Billet

Billet Industries


“This week activated a hidden switch and shined some light on what I can do to take the next step in dramatic improvement in my effectiveness as a senior leader.”

Keith Smith

Prodesco, Inc.


“This week has not only been educational and excitingly intense, it has also been self-enlightening. I look forward to continually working to “digest” and incorporate the techniques learned.”

Kay Sees, Controller

American Refining Group, Inc.


“Very Impressed – Best learning experience thus far in my working career. Thanks.”

Jym Kauffman, Technical Manager

Kleerdex Corporation


“Very valuable information that is relative and applicable!! :)”

Kitzie Pingie, Technical Manager

American Refining Group


“Wonderful experience – very life-changing for me. I cannot express how much I enjoyed my week. Thank you!”

Kim Shaffer, Technical Manager

Restek Corporation



Beth Hertzler, Safety Director



“Your organization’s energy and passion for growing leaders is exceptional. Now I can use my personal energy in helping my team grow to be more effective leaders.”

Erik Nadeau

Fenner Drives, Inc.