ASAP™ Process

Our assessment process is quite simple:

1. You provide us with the names and addresses of your finalist(s) for a position.

2. We learn about the positions and send them a battery of assessment instruments. We typically suggest an ASAP™ packet for entry level to middle-management positions and an ASAP™ Enhanced packet for senior level positions. The assessment instruments measure more than 50 dimensions (with ASAP™) and 100 dimensions (with ASAP™ Enhanced), including:

  • Dominant and Recessive Temperaments (foundation on which personality forms)
  • Dominant Personality Traits
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Vector/Valence (ability to align and influence)
  • Communication Style
  • Decision Making
  • Conflict Management
  • Delegation and Coaching Skills
  • Information Processing
  • Self Motivators
  • Stress
  • Probing Ability

3. The candidate(s) complete the ASAP™ or ASAP™ Enhanced instruments and return them to us for scoring and analysis.

4. We send you the candidate’s Personal Assessment Portfolio and set up a time to debrief you by phone on the results.

5. We spend about an hour with you, providing a multidimensional view of the candidate, answering such questions as:

  • How will the individual relate to superiors, peers, subordinates, and others already on the team?
  • What is the candidate’s management style and how will it match your company’s culture?
  • What are the candidate’s dominant strengths and weaknesses?
  • Can the candidate develop, adjust, influence, and lead?
  • Does this individual have any potential baggage that could damage their success?
  • Can this individual manage conflict, be self-directed, and get results?
  • Are there any unique characteristics that should be further explored through interview questions, background checks, etc.?

ASAP™ and ASAP™ Enhanced are certainly among our most popular products, and will in most cases meet your pre-hire assessment needs.  However, there are some cases where clients like to actually see a candidate “in action” before hiring them, particularly if they are senior-level executives, individuals who will be controlling major corporate dollars for you, or serving in a role that could significantly impact your culture.  In these cases, we might recommend Assessment Plus™, a full assessment center approach, where we recreate the work environment and have the candidate perform in our Executive Simulator™, located here at the Bartell Center for Executive Assessment and Development.