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More than 2000 companies have worked with us over the last 40 years – and they keep coming back for one simple reason:


We help them build a solid foundation for organizational excellence.

Your business is more than the sum of its parts

Exceptional businesses require a solid foundation. A foundation made of great people, a strong culture, and outstanding leadership. Thankfully this foundation is a result of planning, development, and expertise – not luck.

That’s where we come in. We provide you with the tools and experience to form that foundation – to unleash your full organizational potential – and achieve extraordinary success.

We’ll help you convert Intellectual Capital into Organizational Performance

Servant Leadership

It all starts with Servant Leadership. The more employees you have radiating Servant Leadership, the more aligned and together your organization will become – improving morale, increasing productivity and reducing turnover.


Your organization is more than the sum of its parts – making each part essential for success. Each employee on your team moves you closer, or farther away from achieving the results you desire. That’s why our Radiant Leadership system focuses on selecting for fit, so each new hire has a synergistic impact on your growth.


The growth and development of your teams and team members is a continuous journey. To achieve sustained high performance, development and improvement must become a habit. From giving new leaders a solid start on their path, to assisting established executives in moving to new heights, truly Radiant development grows with you.


The success of your people, and your business, should not be based on opinion or guesswork. That is why each step of the Radiant Leadership system is supported by rigorously researched and refined technology. Being able to quantify your team culture and clearly understand individual traits, makes the path to achieving your goals clear.

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Lasting Impact

“We are off to a new start. Best money we have ever spent.”

Kevin Hurley

CEO, Springhouse Corporation

“Bartell made the difference between my desire for Restek to function as a team versus actually becoming a team. Thanks to the Bartell organization, Restek has become a company where every employee thinks and functions as if they are owners. Bartell helped every Restek employee buy into the vision because they helped coach our management team on how to communicate the vision.” 

Paul Silvis

Past President and Head Coach, Restek Corporation

“Outstanding job by the entire Bartell Team! You have opened a new perception in my life and made a connection. I felt infected, and desire to make a change to better serve my followers.”

Sr. Manager